Vintage Travel

Let’s do the vintage travel

Last October, while preparing our newsletter at work, we’re thinking about Vintage Travel. And we thought about it not only in were to buy vintage stuff way, but as a concept of traveling.

Is Social Media the new Devil?

In our days social traveling has taken the secret fun of traveling. You can’t no longer invite your friends to come over and see the pictures from your recent vacation somewhere, cause they already saw them live at the same time as you were taking this pictures and posting them on Instangram or Facebook.

Pack your stuff! We’re going vintage travelling!

I’m not saying that Social Media is the new devil. Oh, no! Social Media can be a great help when you try to decide where to go, where to stay, what to do. But how about traveling in an old fashion way? I know. It’s hard. Most of you don’t even remember how is life without a laptop or a iPhone. But try! I invite you to come with me into the vintage travel way of life.

Sunny day. Our bags are ready and we are ready to go. STOP! Put down that mobile phone! Every little tech object will stay home today. No mobile phones allowed. No laptop. No digital camera. And don’t worry! All the country still have public phones, regular mail and newspapers, right?! Is not that we will stay 100% away from the world.

 No technology allowed! No! No! No!

No digital cameras, please!

Do you hear this?! Oh god! I love this sound. It’s our train! (Come on guys! If     it is about vintage travel we have to go by train!) Missing your iPhone? It’s normal. In our days lots of people became nomophobic. That’s way from time to time everyone should try to be tech free for at least one day. This objects are taking the world!

Relax. Let’s play some games. Some table games. It will help the time to pass by faster. But the great thing of traveling vintage is the opportunity that you have to look outside. Normally long distance trains will give you a complete view of the countryside. More Nature views. More normality. Not the usual ants views from the plains. Plus, usually the bar carriage will give you the vintage ‘travel back in time’ feeling. Like the train from Berlin to Prague. Or the one from Faro, in the south of Portugal, to Tavira. And is the perfect place to meet other fellow travelers.

Wake-up! (It’s so much more easy to make a nap in a train, then in a plain, don’t you think?) Let’s go! Put out that analog camara you bought in the flea market on and take some pictures. Cross your fingers. This ones you can’t delete if they don’t look good. But hey, do you remember how excited people was when they when to the photographer to pic their vacation pictures?! I do still remember.

Stay in a local room with a local host

Enjoy! Let’s mix with the locals. Let’s taste their coffee, their meals, their streets, their homes. In the good old days, travellers stayed in locals rooms. Just like in our modern world. You can easily rent our a private room in all the big cities in the world. So no matter if you are doing the Orient Express, an Interail, or simply going for an adventure.

Five rules for vintage travel: 

  1. No technology! (no mobile phones, no laptop, no emails, no digital camera)
  2. Stay as they did it in the old days: Rent a room in some local host
  3. Travel by train or boat
  4. Send a postcard and a letter to your friends
  5. Write your every day experience as a vintage traveler in a diary

Do you do know what vintage is about? Here is what we think


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