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Sunday bumps & grinds

A cold winter night

Yes, this Sunday was very cold… outside. But at Primitiv Bar the night was hot.

On every second Sunday, Primitiv hosts one of the best burlesque events in town: Sunday Soirée.

And why? It’s where you can watch, in a very cosy atmosphere, the best burlesque dancers in town. I’ve been providing the soundtrack to these nights for a couple of months now and I never witnessed in Berlin such quality in another venues. And no, I wouldn’t say that all the girls had shaken the stage and were amazing, but at least one performer, some times all of them, in each night organized by Bravo Burlesque is truly inspiring.

And the audience? As usual Primitiv was packed. Almost no available seats around 8p.m. All kinds of people, of every age, lots of couples and some ‘crème de la crème’ of the berliner burlesque and entertainment scene.

Take it off!

Yesterday night, Emma Lou (aka Lady Lou) and Viola (aka La Viola Vixen), had brought to Berlin two performers:

Herzlich willkommen in Berlin, Diamond!
Herzlich willkommen in Berlin, Diamond!

The Diamond Dahlia

Coming directly from the other side of the world this Australian blondy moved to Berlin recently. I liked the music choices and her costumes. She knows how to shake her hips in great style. I would like to see a little bit more creativity, but I’m sure she will surprise me next time.

What a great surprise!
What a great surprise!

Cleo Viper

Oh boy! This girl is good! I loved specially her second act: The raven. Great costume! And for great surprise of the audience, she never gets to pasties in this act. Instead she offered us an even greater costume. Cleo has a very nice body expression and all her moves make such contrast to her naïf face. Was great to see her on stage.

The icing on the cake

From time to time, the Bravo Burlesque girls come on stage too. And last night was the night of:

La Viola Vixen, performer and one of the founders of Bravo Burlesque
La Viola Vixen, performer and one of the founders of Bravo Burlesque

La Viola Vixen

Again Australia gave us a great performer. The Queen of the Quiver! The Brisbane’s Burlesque Bombshell! At this moment La Viola Vixen is one of my personal favorites. She has everything that it takes to be the perfect burlesque dancer: a great body – that she knows how to shake – amazing costumes that fit her like a glove and great sense of humor, which always add to the best performances that very special touch. I loved the little puppies coming from every where, specially from that special place… I’m still wondering how she managed to place that puppy in there. And I have to say, normally I’m not a big fan of movements that include the intimate parts of the performers. But the way she does it… I like it! Five stars to Viola!

The best:

  • La Viola Vixen – Funny and hot, she inspired me to go wild on my Djing.

The worst:

  • The audience – Hum… I know, it was cold outside and snowing, but last night audience was probably the quietest from all these nights of the Sunday Soirée.

Next Sunday Soirée: 13th of January

Primitiv Bar: Simon Dach Str28 – 10245 Berlin

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