5 o'clock Coffee

Let’s go outside for a while!


Today me and Maxine decided to go to our favourite bagel cafe: Wahrhaft Nahrhaft. I had lunch in the office so I decided to go for a cappuccino and a slice of cake and Maxine had soup.

Vintage deco inspiration


Maxine, our office explorer, discovered this cafe when our company office moved to Friedrichshain. I loved it since the first time she took us there. The decoration is really nice and comfy. Vintage furnitures. During Spring and Summer is the perfect spot to feel the sun in your face. Beautiful and fun pictures from the Wahrhaft Nahrhaft owner as a pin-up girl. One can feel at home here. All the products are great quality and 90% of them are directly baked in the cafe. As a plus the staff is nice and treat you well, a rare thing in Berlin!

Such a piece of cake

You can’t imagine how tasty their cakes are! And they have vegan ones too. I especially recommend the nut pie. 17.12.2012

Today I was surprised. They had ‘Pastel de nata’! Nothing unusual in Berlin. But it was nice to have a ‘Pastel de nata’ with my cappuccino and a nice talk with Maxine. It almost felt that I was in Lisbon again.
The ‘Pastel’ was good, better than the average in town, but the cream was a bit too liquid. I spied a bit and discovered these ones aren’t made there. The cappuccino was great too. Creamy and I was able to drink it without burning my tongue.

“Hearty would be the word”

17.12.2012 I didn’t try the soup this time. We’re safe! Maxine did. Usually they’re good, but let’s see what does she say:

“Hearty would be the word. Not the soft gentle stroke of a consommé  nor the cold breeze of a gazpacho but more a warm lick in the face from a St Bernard. A welcoming bowl of smoky sausages, little cubes of ham, chunky potatoes and properly orange carrots swimming in a sea of molten green cabbage. I like the soups here. They’re always tasty, thick, full of veg, accompanied with a thick slice of homemade seedy bread and the perfect partner for a snowy day. Plus they manage to make them healthy as well as filling, without the suspicious grease flecks that some eintopfs can have. Half my potatoes were pretty raw, but I’ll forgive them that for the comfy surroundings and the tempting view of their amazing cakes. Yum!”

Thank’s Maxine! For the soup description and for the great lunch break.

The best:

The place it self – Such a nice, calm, quality refuge in this crazy, busy, touristy neighborhood.

The worst:

The music – Sometimes the tunes are nice, sometimes is just random music from radio, not that proper for such a vintage place. But the music is always in a background volume, sometimes you don’t even notice it. I think this is only a little tiny detail.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ to the Wahrhaft Nahrhaft

Revaler Straße 16
10245 Berlin – Friedrichshain

Fon: +49 (0) 174 – 948 20 75
E-Mail: info@wahrhaftnahrhaft.de

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