If it’s going to end… Let’s end it with style!


Bye bye, old world!

Yes, seems like nothing is going to happen… but you never know! And if the world really ends? I want to have a bit fun before the all chaos.

This will be a fast post, I have to dress up and pick some ‘ending of the world’ tunes. Tonight I’ll be one of the DJ’s at Primitiv Bar  to the ‘End of the World’ party. Robert and Palina, the amazing owners of Primitiv, decided to put together a memorable night with all the friends, staff and dj’s.

Were you invited? I hope so! But this will be a great excuse to take some pictures to the venue – they have an amazing chandelier from the 20’s that I love – and talk a bit more about it.

Do you want to know a secret?

Shhhh! Yes, its a private party. But I’ll be there to tell you all about it! If the world doesn’t end, during the next few days I’ll get back to you with details of all the action. Who was there, how was the tunes and what happened!

Until then… Merry Chistmas! Enjoy!

More about Primitiv Bar: Check out our Sunday Soirée post

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