Nobody can get in… without invitation


I arrived at Primitiv around 21:30 and started my DJ set by then. Still not a lot of people – everyone started to arrive a bit after. Cosy atmosphere and a big secrecy environment was in the air. Robert and Palina, with the help of some friends and the bar staff, previously prepared some surprises for the guests. It was great to see some regular faces around the place that I haven’t seen for long time. Else, from Bohème Sauvage, and La Viola Vixen were there too. Both charming and glamorous as usual. My dear friend Johanna Blackstone came too. We were super excited when we saw Erochica Bamboo arriving and jumping to the backstage. Great surprise!

Here are the communist performers

Strange things happened at Primitiv Bar in the night of the end of the world. p_3

Oh, boy! All was planned with great advance, one could tell. After my DJ set, Dr. Hirschfeld took the command of the ship with exotic sounds. And midnight came. With midnight came the Mayan prophecy to reality and the world ended. All was black. The power energy didn’t work. And some tunes from an old hod gramophone tried to say something to the audience.

Lights. Lots of lights at the door. And strange creatures. Oh! No! Some unworldly creatures took over Primitiv. And then? Then some military, soldiers and captains, from the old Russian regime came through and brought their flags and Stalin. And vodka! Lot’s of vodka!

A glitter samurai



From the Land of the Rising Sun directly to Primitiv Bar bar, Erochica Bamboo enchanted all of us with her sweet moves and her amazing humor with an improvised dance. I’m quite sure that it wasn’t easy, dancing on the bar with the sound of crazy Russian music. Once again she made me laugh and I enjoyed all her professionalism. She’s a great performer. Well done!

The Primitiv Bar

In the beginning of the Simon-Dach-Strasse, you still can have some peace and quiet flavored with a nice glass of white wine. I love to go there by the end of the day, with my co-workers, for a after-work glass of whatever. I always have a slice of cheese cake with my wine. It is amazingly tasty with the coffee too, which is delicious.


The decoration is great, a mix between art nouveaux and some kitsch creative pieces. I love the 20’s chandelier that they have.

They open at 3p.m. and the night can go, sometimes, until 6a.m. Different days of the week, have different thematic and DJ’s. Some of the best DJ’s in town can be found there.

If you’re not a smoker, better go there in the afternoon, cause after 9p.m. one is allowed to smoke inside (thank goddess!) and some times it can get as smoky as an old 20’s cabaret. To me this is part of the charm of Primitiv. This and the White Russian.

The best:

The decoration, the cocktails, the owners: Palina and Robert, the staff: I heart Primitiv Bar

The worst:

The smoke: (For some) It is too much cigarettes inside


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ to Primitiv Bar

Simon-Dach-Strasse 28
10245 Berlin


More about Primitiv Bar: Check out our Sunday Soirée post
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4 thoughts on “Nobody can get in… without invitation

  1. I just wanted to let people know that from 18.00 people can start smoking in the bar. For some, the earlier the better.

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