It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

I survived the Vintage Dance Adventure!

Lee Celledoni, 1947
Lee Celledoni, 1947

Is not about what you do with the music, but what the music does with you!

It was a hard weekend! But a glorious one! In this cold Siberian weekend, my heart was warm and happy! I love to dance and I felt in love for Johanna and her Vintage Dance Adventure.

After Saturday I got a bit sick, but that didn’t stop me from shaking my legs like a crazy flapper! I have to admit: I love the Charleston!

After the workshops, I had the chance to go for a coffee with Johanna and I had a great time. She is, as I expected, a very passionate person, a marvelous dancer and an amazing company! Thank you very much, Johanna!

The teacher

Johanna Neubert
Johanna Neubert, the Queen of Charleston!

Johanna Neubert is a passionate dancer and a very good teacher. I loved the first thing she taught us:

I want you to listen to the music and feel what it says to your body. Authentic Jazz is about freedom. Be free!

Every time the music started, she made such a sincere and beautiful smile! It was the music getting into her body. She believes that what is important is not what you can do with a song, but what can a song do with your body. She believes that dancing solo Jazz or solo Charleston is about freedom. Freedom of movements, freedom of body, freedom of expression.

And she tried to teach us that. Close your eyes! – She said – Now feel it! Don’t think! Feel it!

I seriously recommend you to attend to the next workshop!

Shim Sham feet

The solo jazz workshop was harder than I thought. I never had done anything like that and there was so much to learn! During the class I was always thinking about Josephine Baker and her crazy moves. I always thought she was doing the Charleston, but she was not! She was dancing authentic jazz. And I was doing it too! Well… I was trying.

We learned around 15 different movements. All in German (Johanna asked if I wanted to do it in English, but I decided to do it in German, since I was the only one that didn’t talk so well and I need to learn this language once and for all). By the end I was dead!

I think it was a bit too much for me. I was not able to remember all the steps by the end of the class. But anyway it was really cool to be there and find out a bit more about authentic solo Jazz dancing.

Happy feet

Sunday I did the solo Charleston workshop. I was so excited! I had some notions already, once I had learned it for my Lisbon vaudeville troupe, Cais Sodré Cabaret. But I wanted to learn new things.

Even sick I was able to do the class until its end and I learn about 6 new steps! I had the same smile as Johanna and I was feeling free! Happy! Flappery! Crazy!

The Charleston is a fast dance but Johanna was able to show us all the movements really easily and by the end of the workshop everyone was dancing and smiling.

Now I wish I could have a class like this every week. To feel as happy as I was feeling on Sunday! Would you do it, Johanna? Would you?! Please!

Sunday night I was so tired – and sick – that I sleep like a child: happy and in peace!

What a weekend!


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