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Wow street

Wowsville Berlin is sunny. Spring had finally arrived and the trees start to become green. After work I decided to take a walk till Ohlauer “Wow” Rock’n’Roll Strasse. Did you ever heard about it? No?! Well, is the perfect street for those how want to:

  1. buy some nice vinyl with a good price
  2. have a delicious pizza slice
  3. go for a drink or two or more

Wowsville, the bar

Great place to have a drink after work.
Great place to have a drink after work.

The decoration as a lot of taste and the posters on the wall will take right away for the type of bar Wowsville is: a rockin’ bar with a Rock’n’Roll soul! From The Rolling Stones to the New York Dolls or old blues singers. This is the people you will find in the walls and that will enter in your body thru the music that is playing at the bar. From time to time they have DJ’s and concerts in the basement, but I still didn’t when to any. I’ll let you know if I attend to one. The staff is nice and the drinks are not that expensive: a glass of wine or a beer are from 2,5o€ on, a long drink from 5€ on and shot’s from 2€. Not bad, right? During the day, Wowsville bar as a great secret inside: Wowsville Recordstore

Wowsville, the recordstore

It’s a small piece of wonderland. You can buy new or second-hand records, from 0,50€ to 500€. You can find all the classical bands – and by classic I don’t relate it to classical music – and lots of different music styles: R&B, Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll, Punk, Glam Rock and New Wave.

Their most expensive vinyl is the first single from Misfits. You can buy it on their eBay store but not from less than 500€!

The owner is a very nice person and I’m sure he will help you to discover that secret record you’re looking for so many years.

Naturally, after this record hunting your belly will start to roar. Searching for treasures is always a fun thing to do, but can such an exhausting activity!

Wow recordshop

Villa di Wow, the restaurant

Right in the other side of the street you will find the solution for you’re starving belly: american style pizzas at Villa di Wow!

The first thing I noticed was the posters on the wall: The Cramps and The Ramones

They are amazing! Big, delicious and cheap. You can have a Margarita slice for 2,30€ or a huge pizza for 5€. I didn’t have the chance to taste all of them, of course, but the Al Capone pizza looked so delicious!

And it’s not every day that you can have a nice slice of pizza and listen to some nice Ramones tunes, right?!


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