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At jasminthestrange Atelier (part II)


Yesterday’s Pinky’s Peepshow was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Exotic, great performances, great audience and great music.

As a plus it was Lady Lou‘s new act première! I loved it! The new act is intelligent, dramatic and really theatrical, with an amazing costume. What I liked the most was the message that Lady Lou give us: every women, besides their size or aspect, are gorgeous and should be proud of their own beauty! Thank you for that!

As expected Jasmin was there with her beautiful belly shop and her gorgeous and creative creations.

Here you have the second half of my interview with her:

At jasminthestrange Atelier – The inspiration (part II)

Vintage Berlin Guide: From where do you take your inspiration from?

Jasmin, The Strange: From every where! When you look at my hats you can see that I’m inspired a lot by nature, such as fishes, flowers, birds and so on. I love to work with flowers. And I love to put little animals into the flowers. Because this is what happened in life. You don’t have only the flowers, the flowers have always some bugs bugging them around. The people who I hang out with are other font of inspiration too. They are all freaks. (laughs!) But they are all lovely freaks. I’m surrounded by personalities. And lately, since I discover burlesque, I’m totally inspired by this beautiful art and environment.

VBG: Who is your muse?

The fish hat
The fish hat

JTS: Eden. I know her for so long. Eden was always on my life. She was the one who introduced me to the burlesque scene. I come more from a metal background and I thought that it was not a thing that I would like. But she insisted so much that I eventually ended going to a show. Then I felt in love with this burlesque world.

VBG: Which are your favourite materials to work with?

JTS: Clearly vintage materials: vintage fabrics, vintage brooches and buttons. I love feathers and I would like to use more vintage feathers, but they are always broken. So I have to use new ones. I really love when my hats are really feathery!

VBG: Is it easy to find vintage materials on the market?

JTS: No, not at all. And it is very expensive!

VBG: Imagine this situation: you’re out in a bar and you see someone, that you don’t know, wearing one of your creations. How do you feel?

JTS: Oh! It lights up my heart! It makes me feel so happy and proud! Every time I see someone wearing my babies I get really happy!

VBG: You’ve been working with some performers in Berlin. The other night I saw Lady Lou with one of your hats and she looked amazing. Which one was the most challenging one?

JTS: I would have to say Eden again. She is always the hardest one to please. She doesn’t like the hat too feathery and all my creations are more or less with lots of feathers. I’m always a lot! I always add more and more details. Eden is always less. That’s why it is such a challenge to make her a simple, but genuine and full of personality hat.

VBG: If you had to choose a person to design a hat for, who it will be?

JTS: This is a really hard question. Hum… Cleo Viper. And… Hum… I don’t like to say this loud… But I have to admit! Lady Gaga. Because she is a very daring person and this will be a great challenge for me. And of course: Karl Lagerfeld

Jasmin's atelier is really nice and comfy
Jasmin’s atelier is really nice and comfy

VBG: Where can we buy your hats and accessories?

JTS: You have two ways: personal appointments at my atelier – and I prefer this one – or on the Internet. I’m not a computer-friendly person, so it can take a while till I answer you back. But I will! I guarantee! You can check my Etsy shop or my DaWanda shop. Or if you want something more simple you can come to the Pinky’s Peepshow! I’m always there with my lovely belly store.

VBG: How much can one of your hats cost?

JTS: At Pinky’s Peepshow I have the most affordable ones stating on 10€. On the online shops they can go from 20€ till 300€.

VBG: Do you have any funny story about one of your hats?

"So I did the shit hat! Special to Halloween."
“So I did the shit hat! Special to Halloween.”

JTS: Actually I do. Once in an interview the journalist asked me how flexible I was with my creation. I answered back that I was really flexible: I have no trouble in doing something really ugly if that’s what the client wants. After this my friends start picking on my and saying: – Ya, right! Go on! Do something ugly, then! We want to see it! – So I did the shit hat! Special to Halloween.

VBG: When you go out at night, where can we find you?

JTS: At Bassy. It’s my favourite spot and it’s just around the corner. You will find me there for sure. And always at Pinky’s Peepshow.

VBG: Where do you go for a coffee?

JTS: Hum… For a coffee there’s so many spots. I think mostly I go to my friend’s place. It’s more cosy.

VBG: Any secret spot in Berlin?

JTS: Difficult! An unexpected question… Bassy… Pinky’s Peepshow… (lots of laughs)

VBG: We have some cakes here. Where do you buy your cakes?

JTS: At Lucky Cupcakes! I buy my cakes at Lucky Cupcakes!

Read the first part of this interview here.

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