Mom's dinner

Eat like a Kaiser, not at Kaiser’s


Old Berlin Style Dinner

Dinner at Max und Moritz is much more than only experiencing good food. Is going back in time and having a traditional old style Berlin dinner.

The all experience starts from the moment you walk into the restaurant and a nice waitress will give you a table. The menus design and room decoration are inspired by the original cartoons from the German humorist, poet, illustrator and painter Wilhelm Busch published for the first time in 1865.


The rooms are cozy and the atmosphere is good. Sometimes can happen that is hard to enjoy a conversation cause the big group near your table is drinking much more big beers then you. Nothing that you can’t withstand. You just have to have more beer and get a bit louder. It’s part of the all experience.

Make sure you call before and reserve a table. It’s quite hard to find one available if you spontaneously go there and try to have dinner.

Get ready for some spicy farmer food!

As you can read in the menu  „Berliner Küche“ „Berlin Kitchen“ is simply a misleading one. The origin of only a few dishes is Berlin itself. The style that has developed over the years in Berlin is personified by giving some dishes a „kick“ which in time would identify many dishes as „Berlin style“. The word „kick“ could also have some social conno­tations. The emergence of the Berlin cuisine goes back to the era of industrialization. In this era job­ seeking people and landless farmers from all over Germany and neighbouring countries came to Berlin in a rapidly growing city. They did however, bring their own way of dealing with things and their own way of producing good food with their own style and flair.” 

I recommend the Berliner Eisbein, a salted and lightly pickled pork­foot, with pickled cabbage, boiled potatoes, pea ­púree and mustard on the side. Or if it is asparagus season you should try the Wiener Schnitzel with seasonal asparagus sauce. But anything on the menu is great and tasty.

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Max und Moritz opening hours: Daily from 5 p.m.
Oranienstrasse 162,
10 969 Berlin 36 (Kreuzberg)
Parterre and 1. Floor
Phone 030 695 15 911

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