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My lovely vintage tourists


Welcome to Schöneberg. My neighborhood!

You probably do not know, but I offer through Vintage Berlin Guide a special Vintage Tour.

You can choose the tour I have created inspired in the Weimar Republic Era (1919 -1933) or you can have your own special tour. For this one I invite my guests to tell me a bit more about them: decades they like, personal interests, what’s their goal by visiting Berlin and all the info they give me. The more detailed the best for me. with this information I do my research and then I take them to see all they expect to see in a Vintage Tour.

I have a lot of fun with this tours! I really enjoy preparing the four hours I’ll spend with my vintage tourists in non touristic places and telling them all about the great city of Berlin.

My vintage tourists

I received the visit of Americans, Canadians, Australians, Swedish, Portuguese and even German guests. All with the same love as I have: vintage.

So if you come to Berlin make a tour with me. It will be special and personal. And I can meet you and add a couple more nationalities to this list!

One of the latest guests in Berlin were from Australia. As usually I check all the info about the people I will receive and try to find the best welcome gift I can. And what a surprise! Tara Moss wanted to make a tour with me.

Portrait of Tara Moss
Portrait of Tara Moss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tara is an unbelievable women: bestselling novelist, TV presenter and journalist. But this is not it! As you can read in her website bio:

Moss is an outspoken advocate for the rights of women and children. She has been an ambassador for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children since 2000, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007 and UNICEF Patron for Breastfeeding for the Baby Friendly Heath Initiative (BFHI) since 2011, advocating for better support for breastfeeding mothers in hospital, the workforce and general community.

She was super friendly, enthusiastic and an easy-going guest. What a simple and humble person she is! I had a great time with Tara and her lovely family.

Tara’s vintage Berlin trip

Tara Moss Blog

She was traveling around Europe and hunting for the best vintage stores. I took her to some of the best ones. That’s for sure!

Here you will find her post blog about Berlin. Would you like to know what she said about me? Here you go!

One memorable and fun way to take in the best of vintage Berlin is to go for a walking vintage tour with Lucia Vicente (pictured below). Lucia speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese, has a degree in history, has worked in cabaret and is passionate about Berlin history. For only 20 Euros per person, she will take you on a four hour personal tour of historic landmarks and genuine vintage boutiques, including all of the shops I’ve listed above, and more. Her tours are casual in feel, operate by foot and UBahn (Berlin subway) and are adaptable to your individual interests. We enjoyed her tour of historic Schöneberg, which is off the beaten track for tourists, and is home to some fascinating history and vintage stores including her favourite, Mimi – Textile Antiquitäten, where she found her top vintage find: a new pair of black shoes from the 40′s for only 40 Euros (about $55 AUD). Put on your best vintage walking shoes and take a spin around Berlin with a fellow enthusiast.

Thank you, Tara! It was a pleasure. Come visit us again soon.

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