It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

And all that Jazz


Jazzy it up, baby!

Do you guys like Jazz? Or do you find it annoying and incomprehensible?

I like classic Jazz, that’s for sure, but I can’t stand this new types of Jazz where the musicians do a chord for 10 minutes. You have plenty of places in Berlin to see Jazz, but you never know what you’re gonna find there.

Recently I found a great community guide for Jazz where individuals and musicians are welcome to share knowledge and ideas: Jazzy Berlin

They have a nice dream (and they have the perfect plan for this dream to become real!): to bring the Jazz art message to all the people. They want you to experience Jazz in an exceptional and challenging way. A completely new experience, like Jazz was from day one.

Jazzy Berlin  is an online guide for jazz, experiments, art and education in Berlin. Aside the site guide they also runs a weekly jazz art jam session, a jazz boat and providing educational jazz tours in Berlin district.

jazzy berlin main logo no text

Berlin’s New Jazzy Experience

Something fresh and beautiful is happening in Berlin. For almost a year now, in a small room on the first floor of the Kater Holzig Club, things are getting jazzy. Some people’s first impression might be, that there must be a mistake, when deep contrabass and classic saxophone sounds can be heard through the walls of the famous techno and electro club – but when they check out, what’s going on on the other side, they don’t want to leave the packed
room full of amazing music and energy. 
You just want to stay at the Jazzy Berlin Jam Session!
Every Wednesday night about 300 people are enjoying, exploring and dancing to the classic, free, modern, funky, bluesy, hiphoppy ways of jazz. Because you never know what comes next!

Jazzy who?

This is all happening because of a passionate guy called Jazzy Berlin (Avi Albers Ben Chamo). The singer and composer left Israel and came to Berlin for love two years ago. He decided to take the Berlin Jazz back where it belongs: to his basic art form. He started building a community, trying to help musicians to find gigs in Berlin, connecting people, sharing the joy of jazz music, bringing new life into Berlin’s traditional jazz scene – and celebrating every Wednesday in the Kater Holzig. Because as he says: “It’s not about the jazz, it’s all about the people.”
That’s why there is also a little photo exhibition of the people and what Jazzy Berlin like to call the SECRET JAZZ MISSION Video, a mission that only jazz musicians can take that they share with all.

We want to bring joy, to inspire, to make a difference and to share the legacy of the ‘Jazz’ way of thinking in a community.

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