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Unleash your inner Diva

Burlesque dancer

The love Yourself Burlesque Package

As you may notice by now I love a good burlesque show. Above all I love what the performer are doing outside the stage. Bringing this great form of art into women daily life. Sharing a message of confidence and love for your body, no matter how it may look.

In Berlin, besides the Berlin Burlesque Academy you have another great school with regular workshopsThe Schoenheitstanz studio.

Tomorrow they start a new round of workshops with Lady Lou, Lilly Tiger and with the latest Berliner acquisition Honey Lulu.

Go on! Come out of your clothes!

The Schoenheitstanz studio teaches women the art of seduction; and here age and body shape have absolutely no importance. We offer pole and lap dance as well as burlesque.
Burlesque is much more than a sexy dance: it doesn’t focus on stereotypical beauty, it thrives instead on the personality of each woman, where age and body shape don’t really matter. What makes burlesque very exciting is also that it is irreverent and it has no set rules.
And so it’s no coincidence that we called our new exciting course ‘The love Yourself Burlesque Package’, which starts on the 5th September 2013.
Unleash your inner Diva through glamour, fun, self confidence and a pinch of sexiness in everyday life.

This is a series of classes focusing on the most fun and important aspects of burlesque.
These classes do not lead to a final show, and are aimed at women of every age, shape and size with no need of previous dance experience.
These workshops will help you add glamour and sexy fun to everyday life, to explore and rediscover ideas of female eroticism through the art of the tease.

The ‘Love Yourself’ Burlesque Package consists of 6 hours of workshops (60 minutes each), taught in rotation by our teachers, who show you every week a different and exciting aspect of burlesque.
All classes must be booked together as a package; you can drop in anytime and continue to the end of the series.

Honey Lulu - ©Enrico Ricciardi
Honey Lulu – ©Enrico Ricciardi

The Workshops

Here you will find everything that you need to know about the classes. So pack your tassels and feather boas and have fun with this amazing lady’s!

Workshops with HoneyLulu

‘Be a glamour girl’
Movement an striptease, learn how to remove your garments expertly and beautifully like a professional.

‘Vintage Moves’
Learn the moves that made burlesque icon Tempest Storm so irresistible: bump and grind, shimmy and shake.

Workshops with Lady Lou

‘Be a Femme Fatale’
Tips and tricks to charm your audience with sexy accessories, humor, eye contact, tease and a lot of fun!

‘You got the look’
Learn how to be irresistible with burlesque.
Lady Lou gives you tips on costume, shopping and styling to become a true burlesque Diva.

Workshops with Lilly Tiger

Pin up poses’
The aim of this class is to learn typical pin up poses and facial expressions, and you will feel like a true pin up.

‘Tassel twirling’
Get to know the most typical burlesque element: the TASSELS.
Learn different techniques of tassel twirling with assured success.

Classes are held on Thursdays, from 19.15 to 20.15, starting on the 5th September 2013. Don’t forget that
they only accept registration via e-mail.

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