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Burlesque, Rock’n’Roll and Calypso


Take your feather boa from the closet and shake it like a rattlesnake!

Crazy days are coming to Berlin with so much to do and so much to see. Next thursday is the great opening of the first Berlin Burlesque Festival. And I’ll be on stage that night with my Mad Money Mädels from Immoral Babylon Productions.

The list of performers is just amazing! All the best in the world will be in Berlin this weekend and I’ll have the chance to meet them:

And the locations of the festival are just amazing and as glamorous as the performers: Heimathagen Neukölln and the one and only Wintergarten.

Anyone coming this weekend in this direction? Do you think Berliners will be able to handle so much awesomeness alone?

Anything you would like to ask to the performers? If so, just drop me a line. I’ll ask it in your behalf. I promise!

Reverend Beat-Man - Louise 7" Releasedate: 21/September/2013 Edition: 200 handnumbered copies in orange wax  Artwork: Gito Lima Mastering Tim Warren Pressingfactory: www.vinyl-manufacture.com — com Gito Lima e Beat 'Man' Zeller.
Reverend Beat-Man – Louise 7″
Release date: 21/September/2013
Edition: 200 handnumbered copies in orange wax
Artwork: Gito Lima
Mastering Tim Warren

Squoodge Records three day Rock’n’Roll Marathon

Yes, guys! Berlin is not happy with only one great event per weekend. You always have to throw a coin in the air and let luck decide where you should go.

Squoodge Records is turning eight and they will celebrate this occasion with a three day party. You have not one, but five chances to catch some of the Squoodge Rec Family live from Friday to Sunday in one of these 5 locations: Vopo Records, CCCP Bar, FIT Tankstelle, Bassy Club, & White Trash Fast Food.

I highly recommend you Reverend Beat-Man and Trixie Trainwreck concerts.

Unfortunately, I can’t be there, but I’ll send a secret agent and I’ll let you know how it was.



Autumn arrived in Berlin to stay, so the best way to deal with it is to dance a little Mambo & Calypso and remember those sunny warm days we had this year!

The best place to do it? Pinky’s Peepshow, obviously!

With performers from all over the world, you’ll have the chance to see live on stage Lord Mouse & The Kalypsonians presenting their urban Calypso for the 21st century.

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