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From New Orleans with soul

Meschia Lake

The Best Traditional Jazz Band of 2012 is coming to town!

A singer since 9, Meschiya Lake makes my heart beat faster. A couple of months ago I discover this powerful woman that looks everything but a Jazz/Swing singer. She looked mysterious and I loved all her tattoos. Not the look you’re expecting from a “traditional” singer of this kind of music. She got me really curious and this led me to do some research about her life. And then I understood why: this wild soul singer lived once within a traveling circus.

She spent time traveling with the Know Nothing Family Zirkus Zideshow and End of the World Circus, where she performed such acts as glass and insect eating and fire dancing.

– The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA

I can’t wait to see her live next Wednesday!

Meschiya Lake at Tangoloft

Swing Ding Berlin organizes this amazing event and to host the “Best Female Performer” of the “Big Easy Music Awards Winner” (2010, 2011, 2012) they even rented out a fabulous venue: Tangoloft. Meschiya plays from 20:30 on and DJ Chris Wild will spin some danceable swing and blues tunes. Watch out because the Tangoloft has one of the largest and finest dance floors in town.

Wanna join me at the concert?

That’s right guys. I have a last minute FREE ticket for you!

For a chance to win the free ticket for Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns in Berlin like both facebook pages, Vintage Berlin Guide and Swing Ding Berlin, and send us a private message with your full name by Wednesday, March 12 at 12:00. The lucky winer will have its name on the guest list. Good luck!

See you at Tangoloft! Bis bald!

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