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tintype berlin

The vintage photographer of Berlin

A little while ago I was contacted by Marcin Dzieniszewski, a Berlin based photographer who was looking to share his work. I checked out his project and I immediately fell in love. You can see people’s soul in his pictures, what are they thinking, what are their feelings at that very moment. Now I do understand why people were so afraid to have their pictures taken during the Victorian times. One can imagine, through Tintype Berlin project, how deeply a photograph can expose you.

tintype Berlin

Tintype Berlin project

Tintype Berlin is a vintage photography project cultivating the antique process of wet-plate-collodion.
It is travel in time to the earliest days of photography to experience how portraits were made over 150 years ago.

Marcin does hand-crafted silver photographs made with an antique recipe: a liquid emulsion called collodion. You will witness the creation process step by step and the image almost magically appearing before your own eyes. Unlike any other kind of photographs, collodion portraits posses the ability to look into the deepest layers of your soul, revealing personal qualities that no other technique can capture.

tintype berlin

The idea Behind the machine

I was curious to know how all of this started, so I asked Marcin to write a couple of words that will tell us exactly how he came up with this project:

If you ask me how did I came up with the idea of reviving one of the oldest (1851) and most difficult photographic processes, I will tell you there was no idea. It was an enlightening discovery… Last year I accidentally came across a video about a gentleman running a wet-plate portrait studio in the states and before the 4 min. clip was over a new chapter of my life begun.

I used to be a 3D vfx artist for past 15 years but I slowly started to feel that the only direction I am heading in is towards a serious burnout. 

Beside 3D I was always an amateur photographer spending the most of my free time on shooting landscapes but I never had the courage to pursue this as a career. With wetplate it was obvious. I instantly fell in love with the process and knew right away that I want to do it: I am going to do it!
In the beginning of 2013 I decided to leave my 3D path and dedicated all my time, energy and savings to learn the process and establish a studio in order to share this beautiful technique with people and to be able to offer them a unique alternative to the overwhelmingly omnipresent digital photography.
This is how Tintype Berlin project was born.

How can you get your soul on a picture?

One of these days I’ll schedule my vintage portrait session, for sure. I want my soul immortalized for my great-great grand children to know me. I’ll poste it as soon as I get it! Meanwhile you can order yours. Just write a line to Marcin. This will be an amazing gift for you or someone you love!

If you do so, please, send me the result. I would love to publish it and share it with the world!

tintype berlin

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