5 o'clock Coffee · Mom's dinner

Eat like you are at Grandma’s


It’s just like being at my grandma’s dining room. Cozy and tasty!

This is what costumers often say about Lissabonbon. And I’m really proud of it. As promised, I would like to introduce you to my little piece of vintage heaven and my new baby: Lissabonbon – Vintage Café.

Lissabonbon – Vintage Cafe opened its doors in the trendy Kreuzberg area last January. With an authentic vintage look, we offer a huge variety of vegan options: main course and three different soups during the week, cakes, sandwiches, bagels, cupcakes and alternative coffee with soy or almond milk.

Most of our recipes are based on original recipes from the 20’s to the 50’s. From the soups to the cakes.

Every Friday we honor my Grandma, Vó Mira, using her own recipe for Pastel de Nata – a traditional Portuguese small custard tart made with eggs and milk, really famous all over the world. Some of our Portuguese costumers already tried it and you know what they said? – By far the best Pastel de Nata they’ve tasted in Berlin. Not bad for a grandma, right?!

60's Tea Corner

What the hell is a Vintage Cafe?

A vintage cafe is a place where you can find a nice, personal and high quality service hand in hand with old flavors and recipes. A cosy space where you can have a traditional five O’clock tea with a good old scone, a tasty coffee with a big slice of cake or a soup that makes you travel to your childhood and find yourself at your grandma dining table.

Like in the old times, we buy our vegetables and bread in local small producers. This guarantee that at our cafe everything is based on a strict Vintage Cuisine policy: regional & seasonal fruits and vegetable. Bio – of course – like everything used to be back in the days.

To these vintage recipes you have to add love for baking and talking to the clients and you’ll have the final result: our Lissabonbon.


Lissabonbon Social Diners

We want that our clients go back to living a real social life and to have a break from their daily virtual interactions – at least for a couple of hours. Lissabonbon Social Diners are made behind closed doors and reserved for 10 people only. The aim is socialization among guests in which everyone is encouraged to turn off the mobile phone and meet the next guest. Exactly like in the good old days!

So far we have done two social diners and they were a huge success: people turn off their mobiles and right away they start talking to each other and meeting one another.

This Saturday we will go down to the South of Portugal and I’ll be cooking the flavors of my childhood, and on the 25th of April we will have another Lucky Cupcakes Diner for Girls with a very special guest: Fräulein Frauke from Sweden and her amazing cupcake burlesque act. Yummi!

Fraulein Frauke

Just drop us a line if you’d like to reserve your spot in any of these events.

Hope to see you all soon at my café! I’ll present you a free coffee for sure if you say you read this article. What are you waiting for?

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