Vintage Berlin Guide Updates

Welcome to VBG, Miss Honey Lulu!


We have a new editor! Hooray!

Honey and I met quite a while ago, 2010 if I’m not mistaken, when we were sharing the stage at the Roadrunners Paradise Club for a “Rock’n’Roll Freak Burlesque Circus” organized by The Teaserettes. We started talking right away and discovered a lot in common. When I started VBG, Honey was always very supportive and since day one a regular reader.

We share the same enthusiastic love for vintage lifestyle, music and for writing. And more than once before we talked about teaming up for this project. Now the right time arrived. I needed help, and wanted to bring VBG back to life. Honey wanted to start a new project. Perfect timing! Here we are! And it’s gonna be so much fun to work together and seeing the blog starting to grow again.

Welcome to VBG team, Honey!

Now that my Lissabonbon is doing ok, my partner in life and I decided to have a real baby. Yep, I’m pregnant! Isn’t it great?! Actually today is my due date. My baby girl is extending her stay in my womb, as I write I still don’t have any contractions or any signs that I’ll be going to the maternity ward any time soon.

Fine for me, cause I still have another amazing new to give: my dear friend Honey Lulu is joining the VBG team! Yeah! She’s the new editor and will be in charge of Vintage Berlin Guide during my maternity leave. You’ll be in great hands, dear readers.

Lucia Prego

Expectations vs Reality

And lastly I would like to apologize to all of you. As you probably noticed I’ve been more focused on taking care of my dear shop, Lissabonbon. I thought I was able to take care of everything, the blog and the café, but the reality was a bit different. It is very, very hard to find the energy to write a blog after a whole day of baking, cooking, dealing with costumers, managing the business, taking care of all the social media content, organizing events and goodness knows what more. For my absence I have to apologize to you all. Specially those that had sent me emails with cooperation and never got an answer back. I’m really sorry! I can guarantee, even if I was not posting, VBG was always in my heart and in my mind. As you all were.

Hooray Honey Lulu! Long live the Vintage Berlin Guide! Long live our dreams!

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