New Year’s Eve in Berlin: welcome the new year in vintage style

Choosing a NYE event in Berlin can be daunting, given the fact that Berlin is one of the major party destinations in Europe all year round, and especially on New Year’s Eve (or Silvester if you live in Germany)…so many parties, so little time!

Fear not dear readers, at VBG we did the work for you, so you need to look no further than our own little blog. We tried our best to find the most interesting and authentic vintage parties our city has to offer, from decadent Weimar era events where you can wear your newly acquired sparkly frock, to dirty rock’n’roll bars where you can sweat in the mosh pit in between tiki themed cocktails.


When trailing all the available sources to see if I missed anything, it struck me how I could count on my fingers the number of vintage parties happening this NYE. But then I thought, it’s all about quality and not quantity, so whatever you choose from the list below is sure to be a memorable event!

As for myself, I love to work on the last day of the year, and of course celebrate with lovely colleagues after a show. So I’ll be spending the day and night in Wiesbaden, on the stage of the beautiful Spiegelsaal of the Walhalla Theatre.


So without further ado, here are our Sylvester recommendations!

  • BOHEME SAUVAGE SILVESTERBALL, at the Wintergarten. THE Berlin 1920s party par excellence at a legendary location, this is bound to be the most extravagant vintage event in town. Dress up in your finest attire and lose a few millions Deutschemarks at the casino, sip some Absinth or dance your way into the new year! More info and tickets here boheme
  • SWINGING SILVESTERBALL im DELPHI STUMMFILMKINO The lovely people from Swing Patrol Berlin organised an exciting NYE event at the beautiful location of a former silent movie theatre, which was recently saved and re-opened as a performance venue. There will be a live band, dance class, burlesque, tarot card readings, snacks and a whole lotta swing! Click here for more info and to reserve a ticket.


  • If you’re into swing dancing but fancy a more relaxed atmosphere and a smaller crowd, then head over to Dancing Suite Berlin‘s Silvester Swing Party. There is a buffet and if you bring food you will even get a discount! They even have an ‘observatory’ lounge to look at the spectacular fireworks display over Berlin.
  • One of our absolute favourite venues in Berlin, Bassy Club is welcoming the new year with their resident club night CHANTALS HOUSE OF SHAME. A crazy and kitsch gay cult party which is open for everyone who’s into wild debauchery.

Well, we hope you do find this list useful, and feel inspired to stay in crazy Berlin to start the new year with a beautiful hangover!!

As usual, we welcome comments on what your plans for NYE are, and if you have a vintage event that we somehow missed, please do let us know!

In the meantime, we wish you a great day and see you next week!

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