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Vintage Berlin Homes: A Mid Century Paradise

Meet Ms Falcon: vintage clothing dealer and fashionista, and the queen of Berlin flea markets.

The lovely Ms Falcon wearing 1940s head to toe.

Instagram can be a jungle infested with endless pictures of avocado toast and snaps of healthy granolas (according to the Guardian avocado toast was the most instagrammed food of 2015). But if you know where to look you can also be surrounded by visual delights of all vintage sorts. For me these are bakelite jewellery and mid century attire.

This is exactly what led me to Ms Falcon’s lovely blog Just Another Wardrobe Experience and subsequently to her mid century modern Berlin apartment, a paradise for 1950s and 1960s lovers as well as purveyors of kitsch paraphernalia. And not to talk about her sensational vintage clothing collection, consisting of rare novelty prints and beautifully tailored dresses! Luckily for us, some of these are for sale.

Ms Falcon lives in a bright Wedding apartment with her husband, who is also a vintage collector.

A corner of the living room.

VBG: Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

MF: My name is Ms Falcon: I am a vintage blogger and owner of the Etsy shop Goody Goody Berlin. I’ve been a vintage lover most of my life and I’m interested mainly in 1940s, 50s and early 1960s fashion. I always had a keen interest in clothing and studied costume and set design. There was a specific point in my life, after an illness, where I made the conscious decision to express who I really am and wear vintage on a daily basis. It is important for me to feel comfortable and unrestricted, so I will wear only what allows me to ride my bicycle every day.  A few dresses disintegrated on me but at least I know they have had a second chance! I firmly believe that fashion is fun and it should never put you under pressure.

VBG: Are you a born and bred Berliner? If not, how did you end up here here?

MF: I am originally from Darmstadt. My husband is American and has lived in Berlin for many years. We met here at a new year’s eve party and fell in love. We got married in the US and came back to Berlin, where we planned to open a shop together. We quickly realised it was too expensive to have a brick and mortar shop because of high rents, so we decided to sell online for the time being.

Part of Ms Falcon’s fabulous wardrobe.

VBG: How do you spend your free time? Do you have a typical Berlin day?

MF: I am mainly a daytime person. On Sundays I like to get up very early, dress up and go to flea markets, like Mauerpark, Arkonaplatz and Maybachufer. You never know whether you’re going to be lucky and I find this always very exciting. Some of the sellers know me and even keep an eye for things I might like. I also go on the outskirts of Berlin, like the Havelpark flea market. I have to say that the best flea markets are in the countryside, in areas that were not so heavily bombed in the second world war; here people still have plenty of heirlooms. I love vintage pieces that come with a story, and these are hard to find in Berlin.

After visiting the flea markets, one of my Sunday rituals is eating a Lemmy burger at Tiki Heart in Kreuzberg. I also love Wowsville for drinks. If I get out at night I go to my favourite joint, Bassy Club on Schönhauser Allee.

VBG: I love your home. Do you have a favourite place in the house?

My favourite place is the bedroom, which we also call dressing room, because it has the best light. Somehow the living room turned into the man cave as soon as we moved in, so the bedroom is mainly my space.

VBG: Not bad at all for a man cave! Do you also have a favourite piece of furniture?

By the way, my hubby was the one who bought the pink sofa set…My favourite pieces are my mid century vanity table in the bedroom and a rare print of the Ku’damm from the 1950s hanging over the pink sofa. I found it on a flea market a year ago for 10€.

Mid century dresser in the bedroom, a flea market find.
The living room, with a 1950s print of the Kurfustendamm.
Display in the living room.
Also the kitchen is a mid century haven.

Check out Ms Falcon’s blog here or find her on Etsy. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Do you have a vintage home and would like to be featured on our blog? Please get in touch with misshoneylulu@vintageberlinguide.com

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