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Le Pustra‘s Kabarett der Namenlosen, presented by Boheme Sauvage, is the most talked about show in Berlin right now. And rightly so!

Kabarett der Namenlosen had its debut earlier this year. It is now back for a second run at Ballhaus Berlin in Mitte, over 6 days.

The atmosphere is sizzling at Ballhaus: audience members dressed to the nines, press in fervour, people who travelled from other countries to come and watch the show. Guests enter a time capsule and are transported into a different world: a dark and smoky ballroom, where time has stood still. Fictional characters and audience are mixed, genders are bended, drinks are poured.


The show starts: ‘Leave your inhibitions at the door’ says creator and conferencier Le Pustra. Exactly that, you must do.

Kabarett der Namenlosen is a heady cocktail of Weimar nostalgia mixed with modern undertones, sex with a dash of irreverent comedy, beautiful song  stirred with the grotesque.

The audience is literally immersed for two hours in this debauched yet tender world, and gets intimate with its characters. By the end of the show, I found I got somehow attached to these individuals and their quirks. I asked myself ‘What will they do tomorrow, when they wake up in daylight? Who will they wake up with?’ I found something special in each and every performer, who get their highlight throughout the show.



Kabarett stars the brilliant Bridge Markland as Anita Berber, the sex kitten Lada Redstar, the poetic Vicky ButterflyParisian pianist Charly Voodoo, the hilarious Miss Annabel Sings, the mysterious Reversothe intense garconne Mama Ulita, the priestess of black magic Suri Sumatra and the sweet Julietta la Doll as the Telephone Girl. And of course the enigmatic Le Pustra as the Master of Ceremonies.

I absolutely loved this show and cannot recommend it enough: the producers captured the essence of Weimar Berlin‘s underworld without over glamourising it.

If you haven’t seen the show already, go and watch it before it’s gone.

Here you can read our interview with Le Pustra from last year.

Suitable for international audience from 18 years.
Dates: 16. / 17. / 18. / 20. / 21. September 2016
Time:19.00 Entrance | 20.00 Show Start
Address: Ballhaus Berlin, Chausseestraße 102, 10115 Berlin
Ticket price: from 23 €
Tickets: boheme-sauvage.net/billetts.html


All images by Maizucker.




  1. Great article! Just saw it right now, which is far too late. but if it was a second run, maybe (hopefully) they come back for a third.

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