Why a vintage guide to Berlin?!

I love vintage and I love going to vintage parties. Oh! Yes! And I love to go to vintage shops. Hum… and yes… finally because I love vintage. When friends come to visit,  they always ask me where is the best vinyl shop, the best second-hand shop, where to party, where to eat. And then I thought… If my friends and their friends want to know this, maybe is because there’s no place where they can find this. So here it is!

Does Berlin need a vintage guide?

I think so. People that come to Berlin, and the Berliners, need to know what is going on. If a show is good or bad. If this store have nice vintage clothes or only crap stuff from the end of the 90’s. If this café that states to be a vintage café have nice music or the berlin techno bit. If that burlesque dancer is a good one or just another regular girl…

Well. I’m no authority, but I guess a bit of constructive criticism will make no arm to Berliners and the visitants of this great city.


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