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Burlesque, Rock’n’Roll and Calypso

Take your feather boa from the closet and shake it like a rattlesnake! Crazy days are coming to Berlin with so much to do and so much to see. Next thursday is the great opening of the first Berlin Burlesque Festival. And I'll be on stage that night with my Mad Money Mädels from Immoral Babylon… Continue reading Burlesque, Rock’n’Roll and Calypso

It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

Unleash your inner Diva

The love Yourself Burlesque Package As you may notice by now I love a good burlesque show. Above all I love what the performer are doing outside the stage. Bringing this great form of art into women daily life. Sharing a message of confidence and love for your body, no matter how it may look.… Continue reading Unleash your inner Diva

It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

And all that Jazz

Jazzy it up, baby! Do you guys like Jazz? Or do you find it annoying and incomprehensible? I like classic Jazz, that's for sure, but I can't stand this new types of Jazz where the musicians do a chord for 10 minutes. You have plenty of places in Berlin to see Jazz, but you never know… Continue reading And all that Jazz

It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

The Mad Money Honey Show

It's a fundraiser, baby! I know. I've been gone for a while. But, hey... I've got a good excuse! I'm rehearsing like crazy with my Mad Money Mädels and my new project Immoral Babylon Production. Alright! Alright! Yes, I've been on holidays for a while too. From time to time I miss Lisbon and I need… Continue reading The Mad Money Honey Show

It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys · Vintage Travel

I’ve been Rockin’ Around

Begroeting! During Easter I escaped from this never-ending Berliner Winter and jumped into one of the most iconic Rockabilly festivals in Europe: Rockin' Around Turnhout. Yes, I know... my blog should be about Berlin and now here I am talking about a small city in Belgium... But I think it won't harm anyone if I… Continue reading I’ve been Rockin’ Around