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At jasminthestrange Atelier (part I)

Sweet, wild and talented. My three words to describe Jasmin. She invited me to come over her atelier in Prenzlauerberg. The atelier is really nice and comfy and I got the change to see some work in progress creations. Once that this week it's time again for the great Pinky’s Peepshow, I thought that it… Continue reading At jasminthestrange Atelier (part I)

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Wow street

Berlin is sunny. Spring had finally arrived and the trees start to become green. After work I decided to take a walk till Ohlauer "Wow" Rock'n'Roll Strasse. Did you ever heard about it? No?! Well, is the perfect street for those how want to: buy some nice vinyl with a good price have a delicious pizza… Continue reading Wow street

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I want a new dress!

My heart belongs to Mimi! Let me introduce you to my favorite store in Berlin: Mimi - Textile Antiquitäten I believe this is the most amazing store in the world. No kidding. All the ingredients for a successful afternoon of shopping are at Mimi's. And why? they have gorgeous dresses from the 30's to the 50's; the staff and Mimi herself… Continue reading I want a new dress!

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Will you be my Valentine? Tip #4

Sweets for my sweet! Sugar for my honey! There's nothing better than a tasty cupcake to make someone happy. Lucky Cupcakes is a Berlin based online store with different types of products: sweet and savory cupcakes (also available as bio, vegan and gluten free), butter cookies, homemade chocolate mousse and cupcake skewers. Lucky Cupcakes are defined in four simple… Continue reading Will you be my Valentine? Tip #4

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Will you be my Valentine? Tip #3

No man band! My suggestion for today is not only for those who want to exchange gift with the boy or girl of their dreams, but for those who exchange valentine's gifts with friends. Let me introduce to you Trixie Trainwreck no Man Band. She does everything! She plays the guitar. She plays the drums. She sings.… Continue reading Will you be my Valentine? Tip #3