5 o'clock Coffee

Let’s go outside for a while!

Today me and Maxine decided to go to our favourite bagel cafe: Wahrhaft Nahrhaft. I had lunch in the office so I decided to go for a cappuccino and a slice of cake and Maxine had soup. Vintage deco inspiration Maxine, our office explorer, discovered this cafe when our company office moved to Friedrichshain. I loved it… Continue reading Let’s go outside for a while!

It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

Sunday bumps & grinds

A cold winter night Yes, this Sunday was very cold... outside. But at Primitiv Bar the night was hot. On every second Sunday, Primitiv hosts one of the best burlesque events in town: Sunday Soirée. And why? It's where you can watch, in a very cosy atmosphere, the best burlesque dancers in town. I’ve been providing… Continue reading Sunday bumps & grinds

Vintage Travel

Let’s do the vintage travel

Is Social Media the new Devil? In our days social traveling has taken the secret fun of traveling. You can’t no longer invite your friends to come over and see the pictures from your recent vacation somewhere, cause they already saw them live at the same time as you were taking this pictures and posting them on Instangram or Facebook.