It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

And all that Jazz

Jazzy it up, baby! Do you guys like Jazz? Or do you find it annoying and incomprehensible? I like classic Jazz, that's for sure, but I can't stand this new types of Jazz where the musicians do a chord for 10 minutes. You have plenty of places in Berlin to see Jazz, but you never know… Continue reading And all that Jazz

The Shop-shop song

Will you be my Valentine? Tip #3

No man band! My suggestion for today is not only for those who want to exchange gift with the boy or girl of their dreams, but for those who exchange valentine's gifts with friends. Let me introduce to you Trixie Trainwreck no Man Band. She does everything! She plays the guitar. She plays the drums. She sings.… Continue reading Will you be my Valentine? Tip #3