It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

Unleash your inner Diva

The love Yourself Burlesque Package As you may notice by now I love a good burlesque show. Above all I love what the performer are doing outside the stage. Bringing this great form of art into women daily life. Sharing a message of confidence and love for your body, no matter how it may look.… Continue reading Unleash your inner Diva

Ich bin ein Berliner! · The Shop-shop song

At jasminthestrange Atelier (part II)

Yesterday's Pinky's Peepshow was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Exotic, great performances, great audience and great music. As a plus it was Lady Lou's new act première! I loved it! The new act is intelligent, dramatic and really theatrical, with an amazing costume. What I liked the most was the message that Lady Lou give us: every women, besides their… Continue reading At jasminthestrange Atelier (part II)

It's the Shimmy Shake, girls and boys

Sunday bumps & grinds

A cold winter night Yes, this Sunday was very cold... outside. But at Primitiv Bar the night was hot. On every second Sunday, Primitiv hosts one of the best burlesque events in town: Sunday Soirée. And why? It's where you can watch, in a very cosy atmosphere, the best burlesque dancers in town. I’ve been providing… Continue reading Sunday bumps & grinds