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Unleash your inner Diva

The love Yourself Burlesque Package As you may notice by now I love a good burlesque show. Above all I love what the performer are doing outside the stage. Bringing this great form of art into women daily life. Sharing a message of confidence and love for your body, no matter how it may look.… Continue reading Unleash your inner Diva

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Happy International Dance Day!

Happy International "Stomp Your Feet" Day I guess you notice by now that I love to dance. So I would like to take this chance to say thank you to some people who have supported my dancing dreams: Swing Patrol Berlin, Vintage Dance Adventure, Cais Sodré Cabaret, Champagne Sparkles, Johanna Blackstone and Little Miss Piss. Many thanks,… Continue reading Happy International Dance Day!

Ich bin ein Berliner!

At Lada’s Boudoir – Part II (The burlesque days)

Herzlich Willkommen to LADA REDSTAR erotic world Now that we know Lada's background a bit better let's discover a bit more of her professional side. I'm sure it will surprise you! The Burlesque Days Vintage Berlin Guide: You have been a professional burlesque performer for three years now. Did you ever have classes? Or learn from someone? Lada Redstar: No,… Continue reading At Lada’s Boudoir – Part II (The burlesque days)