5 o'clock Coffee · Mom's dinner

Eat like you are at Grandma’s

It's just like being at my grandma's dining room. Cozy and tasty! This is what costumers often say about Lissabonbon. And I'm really proud of it. As promised, I would like to introduce you to my little piece of vintage heaven and my new baby: Lissabonbon - Vintage Café. Lissabonbon - Vintage Cafe opened its… Continue reading Eat like you are at Grandma’s

The Shop-shop song

Will you be my Valentine? Tip #4

Sweets for my sweet! Sugar for my honey! There's nothing better than a tasty cupcake to make someone happy. Lucky Cupcakes is a Berlin based online store with different types of products: sweet and savory cupcakes (also available as bio, vegan and gluten free), butter cookies, homemade chocolate mousse and cupcake skewers. Lucky Cupcakes are defined in four simple… Continue reading Will you be my Valentine? Tip #4

5 o'clock Coffee

Let’s go outside for a while!

Today me and Maxine decided to go to our favourite bagel cafe: Wahrhaft Nahrhaft. I had lunch in the office so I decided to go for a cappuccino and a slice of cake and Maxine had soup. Vintage deco inspiration Maxine, our office explorer, discovered this cafe when our company office moved to Friedrichshain. I loved it… Continue reading Let’s go outside for a while!