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Berlin Documentary – August to December 1961

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDOdHYd8HzU During my research for my new vintage tour inspired in the Berlin Wall years I discover this great documentary made by a north american about west Berlin. You still can see how small the wall was back then and how crazy it all became after.  

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Step by step!

You've got mail! Less than four month and more then 4000 views after this adventure had start, I'm still surprised about how many people out there are interested in a vintage lifestyle. I've got readers from all four corners of the world: Singapore, Israel, Albania, Malta, Sri Lanka, Philippines and so many other countries. This really makes me happy! After the… Continue reading Step by step!

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I want a new dress!

My heart belongs to Mimi! Let me introduce you to my favorite store in Berlin: Mimi - Textile Antiquitäten I believe this is the most amazing store in the world. No kidding. All the ingredients for a successful afternoon of shopping are at Mimi's. And why? they have gorgeous dresses from the 30's to the 50's; the staff and Mimi herself… Continue reading I want a new dress!